Bronze:  $250

  • Company thanked on Facebook.
  • Company thanked during Splash-a-Thon event announcements.

Silver:  $500

  • Name on Splash-a-Thon marketing materials, including email and social media acknowledgements.
  • Company name on Splash-a-Thon fundraising website with links to your website, facebook, twitter, and instagram.
  • Company logo on combined sponsor’s banner at the Splash-a-Thon event. 

Gold:  $750

  • Company logo on Splash-a-Thon event t-shirt.
  • Company name in the footer of thank-you emails sent to all Splash-a-Thon donors.
  • Ad on our website’s homepage and Facebook page for the duration of the Splash-a-Thon.

Platinum:  $1000

  • Company logo on our website’s homepage for the entire year.
  • Large company banner at all WSF events for the remainder of the year, including both fall and spring drama productions.
  • Company logo in playbills at drama productions for the coming school year.