The Wicklund School Foundation works to serve the students and staff of Wicklund Elementary in many ways.  Each and every one of those ways, including raising funds, depends on the efforts of parent volunteers.  To that end, WSF will rely on committees to meet our commitments and committees rely on YOU!






Our mission is to build meaningful relationships between children with disabilities and children without,  in social and academic settings, and to support inclusion within the school community. We do this by teaching awareness, acceptance and appreciation of those abilities and by creating opportunities for those relationships to form.



Parents of kids with special needs AND parents of general ed. students needed to help round out our committee and provide a well rounded perspective. Sign up for the Inclusion Committee (HERE). Currently meetings are twice a month, and the time is flexible based on committee member availability.


How WSF committees work

  • For each effort — fundraiser, enrichment program, and more — a committee will be formed and a chair appointed.  The committee, with approval from the WSF Board, will be responsible for the planning and executing of the effort.

    • Each committee chair will be appointed by either the WSF Vice President or Programs Chair, depending on the type of program.
    • Each committee will work within the parameters set by WSF for the effort, including budget and timeline.
    • Each committee will consist of at least three and no more than nine members, including at least one WSF Board member.
    • In the case that insufficient volunteers sign up to serve on the committee by the start-up deadline, the effort will be cancelled.

Benefits of serving on a wsf committee

As the parent or guardian of a Wicklund student, you are by default a member of WSF.  The WSF Board fully understands the challenges of making time to volunteer.  And, while serving on the Board is a significant commitment that not everyone can make, WSF Committees are a great way to serve your students in the short term.

  • Short-Term Commitment:  Serve only for the duration of the effort — when the program, event, or fundraiser is over, so is your commitment!  
  • Focused Commitment:  Serve only on committees that interest you or your child.
  • Have a Voice:  As part of a committee, you have an integral role in shaping each effort by sharing your opinions and perspective.
  • Community Building:  Serving on a committee affords you the opportunity to get to know other Wicklund families who also want the best possible educational experience for their children and build that experience together.
  • Make the Impossible Possible:  Serving on a committee is the best way to share the workload of all that WSF is expected to do — YOUR service at any level makes the impossible possible.

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