Still have questions?  While we have tried to anticipate any and all questions and provide information to answer them, we are fully aware that you might still need some assistance.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out!


As we receive your inquires, we will compile a list of Frequently Asked Questions here so that everyone can benefit.





Q:  Where can we find the books?  A: We have several suggested resources available here.


Q:  If I miss the registration deadline, can I still register my child?  A:  Unfortunately, no.  Plans for the battles are based on registrations and leave no room for additional teams.


Q:  I’d like to make a change to my team.  Can I modify the google form?  A:  No.  Any modifications must be submitted via email at  Please note, no new team members, including substitutions for dropped team members, may be added after December 1st.


Q:  My child wants a new team.  Can you place them on a different team?  A:  If you have already made arrangements with a new team and notified the original team you are leaving, email with information for both teams.  We will verify the changes with the registered adult of record for each team and make the switch.  However, if you have not made arrangements with a new team, we cannot help place you on a new team.  In this case, you would be withdrawing from the competition.  All changes must be made by December 1st.


Q:  My child’s teammates are dropping out.  How many team members do we have to have to stay in the competition?  A:  Each team must have a minimum of three team members.  If your team has fallen below three, you will need to find another teammate and send the updated information to no later than December 1st.  If you drop below that number after December 1st, your team will need to drop out of the competition.


Q:  Can we have more than four students on one team?  A:  No.  In order to keep the competition fair, no team may have more than four students.


Q:  What kind of questions can my child expect?  A:  Questions are asked in a specific format — “In which book…” — and all require the title and author of the book as the answer for grades three through eight.  Second grade teams will not need to provide the author name.