We have put together several resources for to help the teams have fun and be successful.


 How to Build Team Spirit

  • Brainstorm a fun team name together.
  • Meet at least once a month to talk about the books, practice answering questions, and plan who is reading which books next.
  • You can purchase a this year’s Battle of the Books t-shirt and customize them with your team name using a cricut or iron-on letters.  Purchasing an event t-shirt for your student’s team is also a great way to support the event!  All proceeds will be used to pay for this year’s event.  Any remaining funds will roll over to pay for next year’s event.Check out the t-shirts here.


Battle Strategies

  • Divide Up the Books You may want to divide up the books – making each reader responsible for certain books — but still encourage all readers to read as many books as possible. Use a Team Reading Chart or similar tool to track your progress on the books read and discussed. We have included a Reading Chart for each grade group.
  • Take Notes Keep notes, make a poster board, and/or draw sketches for easy reference about the main characters, the important events, the settings, etc. for each title. Teams can use the Memory Jogger form to note key information about books they’ve read to share with the team.  You cannot use these during the battle itself but they are great tools for study and discussion sessions!
  • Practice Have readers write practice questions about the books they have read, then quiz each other. Divide your team and have mock battles. Give each member a chance to participate in these mock battles. Get your team into the habit of giving the title and author of each book. We have included a sample of actual battle questions you can use for practice.
  • Show Good Sportsmanship  Focus on the fact that just participating is fun and worthwhile. It is important for your team members to win and lose graciously.

Battle Charts


These are great for keeping track of who is reading which books.  They also include a short synopsis of the book and AR point values.

Memory Jogger


We recommend that as each team member finishes a book, they complete a Memory Jogger.  This is helpful in capturing the details while they are fresh in your mind and later when studying for the big battle.

Practice Questions


As teams finish books, we recommend getting together for some practice sessions.  The parent organizer can ask the questions and the team should practice conferring and answering fully.  For 5th/6th and 7th/8th grade teams, the author’s name will also be required.  For 3rd/4th grade teams, the author’s name will earn a provisional point which will only be used in the case of ties.


  • Practice questions will be coming soon — please check back!