Thank you for contributing to WSF’s Annual Giving Campaign for the 2018-2019 school year!  Your contribution will enable us to improve the academic experiences of all of our Wicklund scholars.

We have a goal of raising $50,000 to pay for all of the enrichment programs that WSF runs and supports, as well as to support the needs of the school.  In order to meet out goal, we are asking each Wicklund family to donate at least $200.  We have five giving tiers that come with small tokens of our appreciation for your generosity.  We also offer our families a low, monthly payment option.  WSF totally fits into your budget!

Ready to sign up?  There are two simple steps.

STEP 1:  Complete the Annual Giving Campaign questionnaire.  Here you will give us information about your donation and have the opportunity to select the programs you wish to support -- your contribution will be evenly divided across them.

AGC Questionnaire

STEP 2:  Enter your payment information through either a one-time payment or our low, monthly payment option (Full contribution must be made by April 2019.  Payments will be prorated from today through April 2019).

AGC Monthly Donation Payment
One-Time Donation Payment

2018-2019 Giving Tiers

Supporter, $75
- Recognition on WSF website

Scholar, $150
- Recognition on WSF website
- One AGC-exclusive Wally the Wildcat t-shirt

Graduate, $200
- Recognition on WSF website
- Two AGC-exclusive Wally the Wildcat t-shirts

Honor Roll, $300
- Recognition on WSF website
- Three AGC-exclusive Wally the Wildcat t-shirts
- Two tickets to a WSF drama production of your choosing
- One WSF summer camp session of your choosing (if signed up by June 9)

Valedictorian, $500
- Recognition on WSF website
- Four AGC-exclusive Wally the Wildcat t-shirts
Four tickets to a WSF drama production of your choosing
Two WSF summer camp sessions of your choosing (if signed up by June 9)

Where does it go?

WSF knows that you care about where your money goes.  We are very pleased to offer you the ability to designate where 100% of your donation will go.  Below are all of the program areas we would like to be able to support, as well as the WSF General Fund which covers general school support, teacher recognition and appreciation, and all of those little things that come up over the year that are not covered by the school’s budget or any other funding.  Next to the program is the total funding needed to execute the program.   Once a program is fully funded, we will move any additional monies designated to that program area to a program still in need or to the General Fund.  Should a program not be fully funded, the program will be cancelled and any dedicated monies will be moved to another program area or the the General Fund.

Accelerated Reader Support, $500
Battle of the Books, $1500
Speech & Debate, $2500
Oral Language Fair, $500
Storytelling, $500

Science Olympiad Division B, $1000
Science Olympiad Division A, $1000
Math Olympiad, $1000
Dash and Dot, $500
Art on Wheels, $2500
Drama, $7500

Playworks (transforms recess time into something impactful for all scholars) $23,000
Library, P.E., and Music Support, $3000
Teacher and Staff Appreciation and Support, $500
School Support & WSF General Fund $4,500